Important (Application Environment)

  1. Don’t over speed in downhill declivity. Don’t use front brake during high-speed driving use the rear brake to slow or stop the Scoot-E-Bike. Use of front brake can cause forward leaning, which can cause injury.
  2. The Scoot-E-Bike is not intended to be operated in wet or on rainy days.
  3. Don’t drive in deep water.
  4. Only use authorized chargers and parts. Raytroniks, supplier and manufacturer, will not be responsible for injuries of damage to scooter when non-authorized chargers and parts are used.
  5. Don’t dissemble or remake the scooter. Raytroniks, neither supplier nor manufacturer, will be responsible for injury; damages and the warranty will be lost. Please contact the local retailer or appointed maintenance center for help.

Attention for charging

It is vital the Scoot-E-Bike only be charged using the supplied charger.

  1. Charge in a safe place where children can’t reach.
  2. Charge fully before using it for the first time.
  3. Don’t use other brand chargers for this scooter. Other brand chargers should not be used for charging. The use of other brand chargers not supplied by the manufacturer or supplier will be the risk of the owner. Owner will assume all reasonability and liability for damages or injury caused due to the use of another brand battery.
  4. The charger contains high-voltage circuit don’t dismount arbitrarily.
  5. Avoid liquid or metal bead in filter inside the charger when using and storing. Avoid dropping and crashing to prevent damage of scooter. Don’t drop and crash to avoid damage to the scooter.
  6. Don’t cover the charger while charging.
  7. The charger should be used in dry and ventilated indoor environment.
  8. Stop charging when it is smelly or excess temperature and notify the company for repair immediately.

Attention for battery

  1. Keep away from fire and avoid flammable, explosive and corrosive gas.
  2. Don’t dismount the battery arbitrarily may damage inner parts. Don’t damage the level the battery to avoid losing warranty. No other brand charger should be used; another type of battery is not authorized. The use of another type of battery will cause warranty and guaranteed will be compromised.


Consistent maintenance of your Scoot-E-Bike will determine the lifespan of your Scoot-E-Bike, please read.

Basic Maintaining

  1. Please make sure the gas pressure reaches 280 kpa before using.
  2. If you scooter will not be used for a long time, charge the lithium battery to full charge, discharge fully every two months.
  3. Form good habits to charge everyday. Charge in time before allowed minimum voltage to guarantee battery’s life.

Regular Maintaining and Self-Checking

  1. Check screws of front and back wheels are locked.
  2. Check the pattern of tire casing to see if tires have low pressure and check the drive system to determine if it is smooth.
  3. Check the connector to make sure is normal. Check to determine if the brake lock is lubricated.
  4. Do not wash with high-pressure water to avoid damage to inner parts and circuitry.
  5. Use neutral cleaner and wipe the stain on the surface of lacquer or plastic parts softly, then wipe with a dry clean cloth.
  6. Do not inject oil to disc, brake or rim.



Please check your state and local laws and regulations for operating the Scoot-E-Bike in your area.